How To Create High-Quality Videos on Your Smartphone

Creating high-quality video content doesn’t mean buying a lot of fancy equipment. Nowadays, you can shoot and edit high-quality videos right on your smartphone. From video resolution to recording settings, today’s smartphones pack a punch worth ditching some cameras for. This is why anyone with an Android and iPhone, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, can easily become a content creator.

As a content creator, it’s important to create amazing video content that attracts your audience and increases engagement. Luckily enough, shooting and editing videos from your smartphone is easy peasy – you just need to know how to do it.

Here are tips on how to create high-quality videos on your smartphone.

Consider the Video Orientation

Video Orientation

There are 2 orientations to consider when shooting, portrait and landscape. However, the orientation you consider depends on the platform you will upload the video. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok require portrait (best for short-form video), while YouTube requires landscape. With this in mind, record content with the platform you plan to post to in mind. This will also enhance the viewer experience by avoiding issues like stretched videos or weird blank spaces.

Clean Your Lens

Clean Phone Lens

As basic as this sounds, this tip is one that many tend to dismiss. Smartphone cameras don’t come with a lens cap, so anytime you hold your smartphone, put it in your bag/pocket or on a surface, it’s bound to get smudges or dirt.

That’s why it’s good practice to wipe your lens down before recording. Keep a microfiber cloth handy; using tissue or your shirt could potentially scratch your lens.

Change Your Camera Settings

Change Camera Settings

Although smartphones are not as advanced as DSLRs, your smartphone still can shoot high quality. The best thing is most modern smartphones can record up to 4K at 60fps, however, while it may be tempting, keep in mind that these types of videos tend to have large file sizes. For example, shooting a 30-second video can have a file size of approximately 1GB.

It’s essential to ensure that you have enough storage in your device to prevent missing out on shots.

Avoid Zooming

When you see that your subject is far from you, it may be tempting to zoom in. However, zooming in compromises the quality of your video footage. The footage ends up looking grainy. It’s best to move closer to your subject or if you’re unable to, use your zoom feature sparingly.

Consider Using Lighting

Good lighting is one of the best ways to upgrade your video quality instantly even if it’s natural lighting. Whenever possible, shoot in well-lit areas and avoid harsh shadows and direct sunlight, as it can overexpose the footage. Experiment with different lighting setups and choose one that suits you.

Stabilize Your Shots

Phone Tripod

Shaky footage immediately downgrades the quality of your videos. Use stabilization techniques to ensure smooth, professional-looking footage. You can do this by holding your smartphone with both hands and keeping your arms close to your body to minimize shaking.

Alternatively, consider investing in smartphone tripods or gimbals that provide additional stability and enable you to capture steady shots.

Be Smart With Sound

Phone Microphone

Just like video quality, audio quality is just as important. Poor audio quality can quickly distract from the video. Smartphones have built-in microphones but they may not always capture the best audio, especially in noisy environments. Consider investing in external microphones to improve sound quality.

You should additionally add captions for those that are unable to listen to the audio.


By following the tips in this article, you can create videos like a pro and captivate your audience.

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