How To Get The Maximum Value On Your Old Phone With Badili

How To Get The Maximum Value On Your Old Phone With Badili

If you are looking to sell your old phone, it is important to get the maximum return out of the exchange. You may have used it for a while, but the gap between the purchase price and selling price should not be a pain. Badili Africa, a smartphone resale service, does such an evaluation. On their platform, an evaluation form will check the status of the phone to determine the best value.

How do you get the maximum value on your old phone when selling to Badili? Here is a guide on what Badili looks out for,  to get the maximum value out of your old smartphone. Additionally, it is proper insight on what you should keep safe and intact with your current Smartphone. This will be useful in case you desire to sell it for an upgrade.


  • Power On/Off: Check if your phone is able to start/restart. Additionally, see if the power button is working.
  • Power: Test to see if the charging port is functional. If there is any issue with the battery, note that too.
  • Calls: Check the device for cellular network connectivity issues. Confirm that the SimCard tray is present.
  • Audio: Check whether the volume buttons, silent button, vibration mode, microphone, earpiece and speakers are working
  • Biometric : See if the fingerprint scanner and/or face sensors are responsive.
  • Camera: Confirm whether all cameras are working. See if the camera glass is intact or broke.
  • Screen: Inspect the screen for scratches, cracks, spots or lines. Check whether the back cover/glass is broken.
  • Body: Check to see if the body has any dents, scratches, or is broken.
  • Check for the Bluetooth ,WiFi, and Infrared functionality.


Do you have the following?

  • Original charger plug of device
  • Original charger cable of device
  • Receipt with same IMEI present
  • Original Box
  • Phone under brand warranty
  • Earphones
  • Stylus

On the Badili’s website, the evaluation form will take 60 seconds to complete this check. The exact selling price is then provided immediately. A Badili Africa agent will confirm what you have filled online with the device you deliver to them, and payment is done instantly to your MPESA or bank account.

Note that each phone is evaluated uniquely based on the accessories it came with. Hence, your phone value is not negatively affected by an accessory e.g earphones or stylus it never came with. Be sure to follow the above steps to maximize the value of your old phone when selling to Badili.

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