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How To Take Better Photos On Your Smartphone

With smartphone cameras now featuring higher resolution, additional lenses, and better photo storage, you can elevate your photography game, impressing your friends on social media. Professional photographers offer their advice and even beginners can benefit from the right tools to take their pictures to the next level. Whether you’re experienced or not, these tips and accessories will help you capture amazing smartphone photos.

Clean the camera lens

This is the most important thing you can do. While it may be tempting to wipe off smudges with whatever’s nearby, using a rough material like a cotton shirt or damp napkin can cause scratches that could affect your photos over time. To keep scratches at bay and ensure clear shots every time, use a soft microfiber cloth to gently clean your camera lens. Not only will this help maintain the quality of your photos, but it’ll also help you capture every detail of your subject with ease. So the next time you’re snapping pics with your smartphone, remember to keep your lens clean and scratch-free for picture-perfect results.

Use natural light

Looking for ways to capture stunning images with your smartphone? Avoid using the LED flash as it can produce harsh and unflattering light that ruins your shots. Instead, consider using natural or diffused lighting from indoor lights or even candlelight to create a softer effect.

If you’re struggling to find a light source, try using another smartphone’s flashlight mode to provide consistent lighting.

Steady yourself or use a tripod

Using a tripod can significantly enhance the quality of your photos. It’s a versatile tool that can help you capture stunning shots of the city skyline or create unique effects during sunset. With a tripod, you can experiment with long exposures, time-lapse photography, low-light photography, and even light painting. Even for smartphone photographers, pocket-sized tripods are available that can be used with almost any phone. In addition, some smartphone cases come with built-in mounting threads, making it easier to attach your phone to more professional tripods or other camera accessories like shoulder straps.

Use a remote shutter

A remote shutter is a must-have accessory for capturing steady shots or self-portraits without the need for a timer. Tapping the screen can cause vibrations that negatively impact your photos, particularly during long exposures or night photography. Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones include a stylus that doubles as a remote shutter, while Bluetooth-connected remote shutters are available for other devices at an affordable price. Investing in a remote shutter is an easy way to improve your photography technique and achieve better results.

Experiment with exposure

Proper exposure is essential for capturing stunning photos that do justice to your subject. To avoid dark images when shooting people against the sky, tap the screen to lock focus on your subject. However, if you’re looking for a more artistic approach, you can tap the sky to underexpose your subject and create a striking silhouette effect. Having the perfect exposure showcases your subject in all its splendour or creates a visually stunning effect.

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